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A new era for Kinzuru


If you know the drift scene, you will undoubtedly have heard of Kinzuru Kits. They are a well known company that hand crafts fibreglass body kits and panels for competition and road cars, run by a team of hardcore drift fanatics. Their USP is that the kits they produce are of a very high standard, handmade with quality craftsmanship to provide a superb fit and finish.

A lot of their competitors mass produce body-kits overseas in places like China and Poland where the quality of material is of a lower standard, which can inevitably lead to poor quality, poor fitting and sub standard products. But for Kinzuru, the quality of the end product is of huge importance to them and the integrity of the kits is something they take a lot of pride in.  They are simply in it for the love of drift.  There is a famous quote: "Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.", and that couldn't be more appropriately applied to the Kinzuru brand.

Although quality is the overriding appeal of Kinzuru, it's probably fair to say that in the past customer service was frequently something to be desired.  Lack of communication became a frustrating issue and it was not unheard of to wait months for products to be delivered.  Internal team issues were also an issue that affected the pace and progression of the business and over time, the brand itself started to lose its lustre.

It's important to state at this point that the passion for what they did never diminished.  The problems that faced them were a perfect storm of self-inflicted wounds and a multitude of people wanting something for nothing that ultimately almost brought Kinzuru to its knees.  Despite the fantastic products they had to offer,  the brand almost disappeared altogether and were it not for a fateful day in late 2016, it might not have been around today.

Fast forward 4 months and things couldn't be more different. A relocation from west Wales to north west England, a new management team partnering with The Speed Factory, a new business strategy and a welcome new approach to customer satisfaction means that there are exciting times ahead for the reinvigorated Kinzuru brand.

Production is back to full capacity, orders are streaming in and most importantly, customers are getting their quality handmade Kinzuru products on time.  Orders are coming in internationally as well as throughout the UK and excitingly there are new products on the horizon too.  The Speed Factory and Kinzuru will also be sponsoring pro-drivers in the 2017 race calander, so watch this space for updates as the seasons progress.

So, as Kinzuru starts a new era with optomism, creativity and integrity whilst maintaining its renowned quality, The Speed Factory can showcase Kinzurus many products through the online shop and ensure continuity for customers all over the world.

See Kinzuru on The Speed Factory online shop here.

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