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BMW Mini Wheel Spacers - 4X100 5mm BL M14x1.25 CB 56.1mm Forged AL 6061-T6 - The Speed Factory


BMW Mini Wheel Spacers - 4X100 5mm BL M14x1.25 CB 56.1mm Forged AL 6061-T6


Bolt Pattern: 4  x 100

Thread Pitch: M14 x 1.25

Thickness: 5mm

Centre Bore: 56.1mm

To give your car that perfect visual and performance touch, the engineers at Direnza have created a complete line of wheel spacers. These are designed to give your vehicle a wider, more stable stance quickly and easily. With the correct Direnza spacers installed, your car will take on a more aggressive look with wheels and tyres filling the wheel arch exactly the way they should.

Fine-tuning your track width doesn't just enhance your car's look, it also gives you improved handling, performance and optimised roll capabilities. Direnza spacers are available in a range of sizes, letting you position your tyres exactly where they will look and perform their best. All Direnza spacer kits come complete with all necessary mounting hardware.

The Direnza wheel spacer is one of the easiest and most cost effective bolt-on performance handling enhancements for your vehicle.

    Manufactured from high strength lightweight 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium alloy, forged hard anodized for durability and corrosion protection.
    Precision engineered hub-centric and model specific for a perfect fit and wheel balance.
    Limited life range tested for wheel bolts/studs (1 million times) in accordance to ISO3800.
    Strength tested for applications (bolt/stud/nut) in accordance to IS0898-6, SAEJ429, SAEJ995.
    Anti-rust tested (NSS 72 hours) for applications (bolt/stud/nut) in accordance to IS09227.
    Improves wheel and tyre spacing within the wheel arch.
    Better handling.
    Increased safety by widening the vehicle track width.
    Fix brake caliper to wheel clearance issues - particularly when fitting big brake kits.
    Adds inner arch and suspension clearance.
    100% genuine Direnza product.
    Fitting instructions included.
    Brand new in the box.


BMW Mini Clubman 1.4l / 1.6l One R55 2009+
BMW Mini Clubman 1.6l Cooper R55 2007+
BMW Mini Cooper 1.6l R57 2006+
BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6l R56 2006+
BMW Mini Countryman 1.6l Cooper / 1.6l One R60 2010+
BMW Mini Coupe 1.6l Cooper R58 2011+
BMW Mini One 1.4l / 1.6l R56 / R57 2006+
BMW Mini One 1.4l LPG R56 / R57 2009+
BMW Mini Roadster 1.6l Cooper R59 2012+

Before purchasing any wheel spacers please measure the gap between the outer edge of the tyre and the wheel arch. Take 5mm from this figure to help give the maximum thickness wheel spacer suitable for your vehicle. It is good practice to work to 5cm less than this figure to allow for movement in the vehicle suspension. When measuring your wheel gap always measure both the driver and passenger sides on the same axle as measurments may differ slightly and you should always work off the smaller of the two figures. This is especially important as spacers which have been fitted and / or tested cannot be returned.

Below you will find a brief glossary of terms you may encounter when checking the suitability of wheel spacers for your vehicle.




PCD stands for 'Pitch Circle Diameter' and is usually expressed in millimeters, (inches may also be used). For a 4 or 6 bolt fitment this measurment is the distance between the centre of two diametrically opposite bolt holes. For 5 bolt fitments measuring the diameter of an imaginary circle running through the centre of each bolt hole.


The offset of a vehicle's wheels is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the plane of the hub-mounting surface. This is typically expressed in millimetres and can be either positive / negative. The offset plays a significant role in the vehicle's suspension geometry as well as dictating the distance between the tyre and suspension. Not to mention the visual gap between the wheel and the vehicle bodywork.

Stud / Bolt Pattern

The stud / bolt pattern refers to the number of studs, (or lugs) the wheel bolts onto, and the imaginary circle the studs form. Most vehicles have either 4, 5 or 6 bolt patterns.

Centre Bore

The centre bore (or hub diameter) of a rim refers to the size of the centre hole in the middle of the wheel. This correlates to the diameter of the hub centre bore and is usually expressed in millimetres.


Hub Centric

Hub centric refers to the the the point at which the primary load of the vehicle is placed. Hub centric wheel spacers ensure less load is placed on wheel bearings and other suspension components by keeping this load on the vehicle hub. The alternative is to us 'lug centric' spacers which rely on the wheel studs to centre the wheel on the hub. Good practice for fitting spacers of thicknesses greater than 10mm is to use hub centric wheel spacers.

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