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For a limited time only this kit is available for just £1295 instead of the normal price of £1499

This excellent quality and excellent fitting kit is made right here in the UK by a company that has over 40 years in the fibreglassing trade. Unlike many other suppliers out there, this kit has been made using only the best materials with no bubbles or cracks trapped between the gel coat and glass which will appear over time when the panel is in sunlight or if the panel is polished generating heat.

We are proud to be the manufacturers and only suppliers of this amazing wide arch bodykit for the MK3 Ford Focus (2011-2015).

This has been produced from scratch inspired by the British Touring Car  looks as the genuine BTCC kits as anyone will tell you, fitting a genuine BTCC kit to a car is a task in itself as they are made for a space frame set up and when placed on a road car the panel gaps are terrible......you can fit your hand in them. Even the kits on the touring cars themselves don't have the best fitment so this is why this kit was produced from foam, shaped and then perfected at our custom bodyshop www.fatfender.co.uk so the quality of fitment is excellent before the moulds were then produced.


The kit comes in a gloss grey gel coat and consists of the following items:

  • 2 x 60mm wider front replacement wings
  • 1 x wider front bumper that is 200mm wider than stock at the widest point (bottom)
  • 2 x Step style wide sideskirts that use the original fixing points
  • 6 x bolt on 65mm wider rear arch sections (3 either side)

This kit will fit all Mk3 Ford Focus's but the rear arch section that attaches to the rear bumper may require slight modification.

Please allow 4-5 weeks for your kit once ordered as all kits are made to order.

Also get in touch with us if you are overseas as we can also supply to many other parts of the world.

We offer a full fitting and spraying service through our sister company - UK customers only. If you would like a quotation please contact FAT FENDER directly on 01772 601798.

All our kits are hand made, high quality, carefully crafted UK products. They are made using two layers of high quality semi gloss grey gel coat, followed by a careful hand lamination process utilising a multi layering fibreglass procedure rather than just one layer like most suppliers. Then time is given for the kit to set in the moulds at the perfect temperature avoiding the risk of the kit deforming.There is a lot of pride in the quality and finish of the kits and their durability has been proven time and time again at the shows and meets.

Please note: Fibreglass based kits may require adjustment and preparation before painting.

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