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Nissan SR20DET Exhaust Manifold Multi-Layer Gasket - The Speed Factory


Nissan SR20DET Exhaust Manifold Multi-Layer Gasket


One of the many banes of a Nissan S-body is the frequency with which gaskets need to be replaced, either due to damage sustained through incorrect fitting, blowing caused by snapped studs or the short lifespan endured by poor quality gaskets.

Correct fitting OEM quality gaskets are a recipe for longevity and prolonged reliable useage. Our Multi-Layer Manifold Gasket sits between the head and manifold flange and ensures a blow-free seal at all times - if your manifold flange is warped the gasket will still provide a perfect seal due to the layers compressing where needed.

The stainless steel construction is a much more reliable alternative to the fibre conscruction used by inferior gaskets and will save you the dreaded task of removing your turbo and manifold due to manifold gasket failure. Should you need to remove your manifold or turbo for other reasons the gasket can be reused when refitting the manifold.


Stainless steel, seven layer construction
Reliable alternative to inferior fibre gaskets
Reuseable - does not need replacing every time manifold is removed 

Fits Nissan SR20DET engines (Nissan 180SX S13, PS13 Silvia, 200SX/Silvia S14 & S14a and Silvia S15).

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